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DIY Washi tape tree

DIY Washi tape tree

Over here we are officially in the Christmas spirit so I wanted to kick off the season with this super easy, and rad Washi Tape Tree! I worked with the girls over at 31 Bits to give you all fun ideas to host your Bits Holiday party, and this idea was one of my favs! It might not replace your traditional one, but it sure would make for some cute decor! See below for instructions, and other fun ideas to style it!


DIY Washi tape tree

The Goods

– Green washi tape

– Pom garland or other decor


1. Find a clean base. We used a white wall for more of a fresh, and modern take.

2. Taking your tape, (we used a thin green tape found at Michaels) begin to make an acute triangle. Remember what that is? Less than 90 degree angles at each point!

3. After you have your triangle up, continue to make a trunk by adding a square to the bottom.

4. Then, hang your decorations and place gifts underneath!

DIY Washi tape tree

For the Bits party, I taped their bracelets to the tree to add some sparkle, but I think this would look adorable as an advent calendar tree by adding cloth or paper bags filled with goodies in it!

DIY Washi tape tree

There ya have it,  a super easy tree for the holidays! Show me how you style your DIY washi tape tree by tagging me at @theshiftcreative

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Holiday Crafts & Coffee Workshop!

Tis the season for The Shift Creative to host, and teach WORKSHOPS! You guys asked, I listened. Prepare yourselves for an afternoon filled with cheer, coffee, creativity, and crafts! This Holiday Workshop will be held between 1-4 o’clock on December 13th at the Lift Coffee Roastery in Riverside, CA. Here you will learn to make your own fringe ornament, mini rope hanging, AND a yarn tassel garland!

Holiday Crafts & Coffee Workshop!

What’s in it for you?

– All materials to create three items of decor

– Specialty coffee & drinks from Lift Coffee Roasters

– Bananas by Hannah yummy desserts

– A swag bag for each creator filled by some amazing vendors

– A unique environment to connect, and create with other creatives

Sign up below before spots fill up!>>>

Address to the Workshop:

Lift Coffee Roastery

2060 Chicago Ave. STU #A-10

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DIY spools

With the Holidays sneaking up on us, (I mean really it was Halloween last week!!), I created some easy DIY’s that can be customizable to your event! These spools make even me squeal with delight. I staged them on a mantel herebut what about on your table as centerpieces? On a bookshelf? Or miniature ones as place settings? I would even dig them as a stocking stuffer!

DIY spools

The Goods:


Thin wood circles (at Michaels)


Paper towel roll (I KNOW RIGHT!)

Hot glue

First, can you believe that these are made out of paper towel rolls? I loved it when this idea came together cause we all have those around the house! I’ll be honest, I unraveled one of mine to make more before it was out!

ok, now for the good part.

1. Stain your wood circles. I simply used an old rag to apply, then let dry.

2. Place a dot of hot glue at the end of the roll, and begin wrapping your yarn around the roll. Tip* I wanted mine to be uneven and natural as possible, so I created some to have a bigger middle section, and some to have a more narrow base, etc.. get creative with it.

3.  Hot glue the wood pieces to either end of the roll.

And you are done my friend. I like to leave the remaining strand free so it looks like its been used already.

DIY spools

I love the natural elements these DIY spools display with the neutral color palette, but don’t be afraid of implementing some color! Think colored yarn, or even paint the wood circles a color (gasp! that might be my next one)

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Fall Decor and Inspiration >> Part 2

Happy Thursday! Here is Part 2 of Fall decor and inspiration that I designed for Virtue women’s event. Since the theme was to create a cozy environment, I thought it appropriate to bring the comforts of ones home on stage! What doesn’t scream homey like a fireplace, a comfy chair, a blanket, and a cup of coffee? Put your feet up, sip some coffee, and pretend like its Friday.


Fall Decor and Inspiration >> Part 2 Fall Decor and Inspiration >> Part 2 Fall Decor and Inspiration >> Part 2 Fall Decor and Inspiration >> Part 2

Hope this Fall decor truly was an inspiration to you! I love Fall because it reminds me to slow down, and take in all the sweet moments in life. Want to learn how to make those spools? Click here, and let the crafting begin.

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Fall decor and inspiration>>Part 1

I had the pleasure of designing an event for Virtue; a women’s ministry that is a part of Harvest Christian Fellowship here in Southern California. When I met with the design team, the vision for the event was to create a cozy vibe as if one is walking into a home. Part one of the design lies here at the welcome table. I chose to create a wood backdrop with warm hues that acted as a wall in a home. In honor of fall, I choose numerous leaves, and berries to create Mandala’s on the wall. I LOVED this aspect of the design, as it is unique, and truly eye catching! On top the table are clusters of metallic copper, and white pumpkins and squashes. Some of these are carved out and used as vases. All of the gorg floral design was created by MV florals. She is a doll- go check out her work! I used thick slabs of wood to create height, coupled with brown bottles, and accented the table cloth with a yarn hanging. By creating a yarn hanging, it acts as a part of the tablecloth and gives off an intricate appeal if you can’t afford a expensive table cloth! Special thanks to everyone who was involved, from the maintenance team to the day of set up gals- you guys rocked it!

Fall decor and inspiration>>Part 1 Fall decor and inspiration>>Part 1 Fall decor and inspiration>>Part 1 Fall decor and inspiration>>Part 1 Fall decor and inspiration>>Part 1 Fall decor and inspiration>>Part 1 Fall decor and inspiration>>Part 1 Fall decor and inspiration>>Part 1 Fall decor and inspiration>>Part 1 Fall decor and inspiration>>Part 1 Fall decor and inspiration>>Part 1

I hope this gives you ton of inspiration as Thanksgiving is approaching! Stick around for Part 2 of Fall decor and inspiration!

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