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Holiday Gift Guide for the Whole Crew!

We have decided to showcase some of our favorite brands just in time for Christmas! Some you might be familiar with and some might just be your new fav! Keep Scrollin’ for the gift guide deets!


Holiday Gift Guide for the Whole Crew!
  1. Krochet Kids is a non-profit that makes so many awesome products (for both men and women), but they are definitely known for their classic beanie! They have empowered people in Uganda and Peru by teaching them the craft of crocheting in order to provide for their families! Your purchase gives back, and I love that!
  2. Made by Mary is known for the simplicity in her jewelry and the custom personalization feature! Such a great gift for moms in particular! I am all about her minimal jewelry, and own quite a few pieces myself! I’d say this one is a no-brainer.
  3. Juniper Baby and Kids is a brand I fell in love with when I worked as a stylist for their Fall/Winter Campaign. The quality is top notch, the design is timeless and chic, and honestly I just wish they came in my size!
  4. Pink Light is a skincare company that I had the pleasure of working with. I mean… if you don’t want to buy it for the packaging itself let me tell you that the scents that come from each concoction are amazing, and I have heard great reviews on this Rose Petal Enzyme Masque! Such a great stocking stuffer!
  5. Tubby Todd!! I use Tubby Todd bath products for my kids and I absolutely LOVE it! They smell SO good and they are 100% natural! They have a mamma bundle which makes you feel so refreshed (especially for the new mammas in your life) and a basics baby bundle so you  can try an assortment of their products!
  6. Letter Love Goods letter board is honestly the perfect gift for anyone. I have wanted one for so long, and if I don’t get one for Christmas I am buying myself one! You could even put a cute little phrase on it before gifting it like, “Marry me?” Eh, eh? Okay, maybe not. BUT I think this gift is a winner and I already have a ton of witty quotes I would want to put on mine!
  7. Amborella Organics is a seed bearing lollipop that is all the rage right now! 1. They are super pretty. 2. After you eat them you can plant the stick and it will turn into the corresponding flower or herb!!!! Yes, a lollipop that ultimately turns into a flower! 3. They come in so many tasty flavors like Sage +Marshmallow, Rosemary + Mint, and Peach + Marigold to name a few! 4. These will definitely make a fun stocking stuffer!
  8. Mitchell Canyon Coffee is a speciality coffee company that you can order online, have at your event, or even at your cafe! Quality coffee is always a must have, and lets be honest we all need it at those holiday family dinners. This makes such a good host/hostess gift, or for the coffee connoisseur in your life! I am gifting one to my husband for sure!
  9. Rylee & Cru is a favorite of mine for many reasons: 1. I adore the owner who is also a super talented illustrator. 2. The fabric is so soft which is great for the littles. 3. The designs are unique, and the color palette is always on point. We have a tradition where every Christmas Eve we give new pajamas to the kid’s and this year is no different (they have the sweetest PJ’s!).
  10. Word. Notebooks is a great gift for a variety of people: the artist, the note taker, the journaler, etc… Every year I tell myself I will be more organized and start journaling again- maybe 2018 will be that year for me!
  11. 31 BITS is one of my favorite lines! They have thee cutest jewelry not only for women, but for kids too! Plus, have you seen their new home line?? It’s so cute packed with so many gift options! Another perk of shopping BITS line? They empower artisans around the world by providing job opportunities! WIN-WIN.
  12. Piper Finn is yet another company where I wish their goods came in my size! I recently stumbled across this company and fell in love with their cute shoes designs, AND affordable price! So many times I regret spending the money on shoes that my daughter barely wears, or aren’t nearly as comfortable! These are both stylish and comfortable!

I hope I was able to introduce you to some awesome brands I love and help you with getting gifts for your friends and family this Christmas season! The best part about this list is that you can order all of these online! No crazy mall traffic! You. Are. Welcome.


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DIY Christmas Ornaments

Keeping in the spirit of our previous Christmas posts, we wanted to share some of our DIY Christmas ornaments! We’ve created two types- one for the bohemian and one for the minimalist, and we can’t choose what one we love more! Keep reading for photos and full instructions!

DIY Christmas Ornaments DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Mud Cloth Ornaments 

In our previous post we shared our DIY Mud Cloth Gift Boxes. You can easily make these Mud Cloth Ornaments at the same time!


The Goods

Matte Ornaments in solid colors

Black and White sharpee paint pens


1. Find inspiration for your mud cloth patterns.

2. Draw out your patterns on scratch paper.

3. Copy your finalized patterns over onto the ornaments using the sharpee.

4. Add yarn to your ornaments and hang on your tree!


Keep scrolling for more inspiration!

DIY Christmas Ornaments DIY Christmas Ornaments DIY Christmas Ornaments DIY Christmas Ornaments DIY Christmas Ornaments DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Wood Ornaments

These ornaments require just a tad more work, but boy do we love how they turned out.

The Goods

Wooden balls (we used 1.5″ but think it would be fun for you to mix up sizes)

Sharpee pens

Gold Liquid Leaf

Black and white acrylic or wood paint

Painters Tape

Screw Eye Hooks



1. Start by putting the eye hooks into the wooden balls. It can be a bit tricky to get the the hooks screwed into the wood. We first used a hammer to get the screws started before turning the screws. We promise this is the hardest part — it’s all easy from here!

2. Use yarn to hang the individual ornaments between two surfaces. This will allow you to paint freely on all sides without smudging the paint.

3. Get creative! Use the painters tape to section off areas you want to paint. This will create a clean cut line. Mix up your angles and colors! Just don’t forget to let your layers dry before adding more tape and paint.

4. Use the paint pens for more intricate details and patterns.

DIY Christmas Ornaments DIY Christmas Ornaments DIY Christmas Ornaments DIY Christmas Ornaments DIY Christmas Ornaments

We love how these ornament’s look and hope you do to. Feel free to share with us you finished product by tagging @theshiftcreative on Instagram!


Happy Creating!

DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo

DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo

Okay you guys, Christmas is upon us and we were messing around with ways to add a touch of personal love to our Christmas gifts this year. We just had to share what we came up with. We made both Watercolor Tags and Mud Cloth gift boxes!


Let’s start with the Watercolor tags. Why buy cheesy Christmas present tags when you can make yourselves something cute and quirky?!  They’re also seriously the easiest to make.


Watercolor Tags

The Goods:

White pre cut tags or card stock paper to cut yourself


Paintbrush (We used the Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush)

Hole Puncher



Keep scrolling for instructions!

DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo


1. Before you start painting, come up with some fun quirky sayings or designs you want on your tags. Practice with your paints on scratch paper. Have fun doodling!

2. Once you have your designs nailed down, paint them on your tags.

3. When your tags are dry, hole punch them and use fun yarn to adhere them to your package.

4. We are obsessed with pom poms and tassels. Add these or small ornaments to your presents for an extra pop!

DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo

If you’re as into mud cloth patterns as we are, then these DIY gift boxes are a must.

Mud Cloth Gift Boxes

The Goods

Cardboard or Paper Mache boxes

Sharpee paint pens in black or white


1.Pick a mud cloth pattern for inspiration

2.Draw the mud cloth pattern with your paint pens onto the boxes

3.Embellish your boxes with your handmade water color tags!


DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo

The combination of the boxes and gift tags make for the sweetest eye catching gifts. They make us smile and we bet they’ll make the person you give them to smile too!

We want to see what you come up with so have fun, get creative and share some pics with us!

DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo DIY Christmas Tag and Wrapping Inspo


Merry Christmas!