Hybrid macrame + rope hanging

My studio walls needed some color so i decided to create something different to provide inspiration while I work. Enter this weird mix of macrame, rope, yarn, and air plants! I love the idea of using florals and greenery in weaving so I thought it would look rad in a rope hanging too! Hope you guys dig this!


Hybrid macrame + rope hanging Hybrid macrame + rope hanging Hybrid macrame + rope hanging Hybrid macrame + rope hanging Hybrid macrame + rope hanging

Valentines Day Inspired Shoot

This modern take on Valentines Day is filled with fun patterns, textures, vibrant florals, TONS of DIY, and of course some seriously yummy treats. When designing the party, I wanted to present a different take on the red and pink hearted Valentine’s day decor, while still staying true to the holidays flirty spirit. Each place setting has a hand painted black and white placemat, and yarn wrapped embellishments that offer encouragement and reminders such as, you’re rad, you’re sweet, and you’re hot. The centerpiece is made of a slab of white peg board, and champagne spray painted pipes that overflow with magenta, peach, and red florals- to say that this piece is dramatic is an understatement! Each guest received their own hand painted goodie bags filled with some yummies to take home! Speaking of yummy things- let’s talk desserts! Rock candy cupcakes, homemade watercolor marshmallows, mini donuts, and chocolate strawberry crostini’s (my mouth is watering just reminiscing about it all!) My friend, Cakes and Cuties, outdid herself as always! Over at the coffee bar, we made affagatos with butter pecan ice cream, and heaping chunks of red velvet cake, all soaked in Lift Coffee Roasters piping hot coffee! Hung over head is the phrase ‘Love like Whoa,’ which made for an easy way to dress up a white wall. What party is complete without a photo backdrop? This one is a stunner!  Janelle from Lavenders Flowers and myself teamed up to make something that would be unique, and cause pause! We created a mandala of our own out of petals, flower heads, and leaves that really brought the natural elements of outside, indoors. Continuing with the hand painted theme, I made some easy sconces for the wall, filled with organic bouquets from Lavenders Flowers (she’s awesome!), and adorned with poms. I wasn’t lying when I said that this party was filled with DIY’s! I hope these images from To Wander and Seek (check out her stuff of realz)  inspire you to think outside the box this Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot

Affagato bar with a twist! Pecan butter ice cream + red velvet cake all drenched in Lift Coffee Roasters hot coffee!

Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot

Mandala backdrop for the win!

Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot Valentines Day Inspired Shoot

Photography: To Wander and Seek | Design: The Shift Creative | Florals: Lavenders Flowers | Desserts: Cakes and Cuties | Coffee: Lift Coffee Roasters 

Hope you are supa inspired by this shoot! Stay tuned for lots of DIY coming to you so you can recreate this look!


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Craft + Coffee Workshop

I am so excited to share the photos from my very first workshop that were captured beautifully by the talented Morgan Hydinger. To begin with, I quite frankly was scared that no one would have an interest in attending, and if there was an attendee I hoped it wouldn’t just be my best friend. So, THANK YOU to all those who came and filled every seat available. It truly is encouraging to see people inspired by what I love to do. I hope that every one of the lovely ladies that came walked away with a new skill. Okay, okay enough of the mushy gushy, and onto the deets of the day. >>> First, I have to say that if I didn’t decorate the warehouse we were in, it would have been totally fine! Why you ask? Because it was held in the Lift Coffee Roastery, which was hand constructed down to the last detail by my husband who also co-owns that happening spot(s) (psstt- the roastery will be open to the public soon!). But, The Shift Creative wouldn’t be what it is without some design details! Laid upon the copper plated bar and rustic wood tables were all the supplies for each creator to make a fringe ornament, a tassel garland, and a mini rope hanging!  Fresh floral crowns by MV Florals, and swag bags filled by awesome vendors were set out at each seat- begging to be worn and opened! Nestled in brown bottles, Christmas tree branches adorned with dried oranges added some greenery to the industrial space. Speaking of greenery, fresh cedar garland draped from a 20ft ladder that hung in the air, as well as a simple garland for the photo booth area. As one of the things that were being created that day was tassels, I thought it appropriate to hang a numerous amount of them from a rope chandelier I made, also enveloped in greenery (duh!) The smell of Lift Coffee filled the room, as each gal was treated to speciality coffee and drinks and ever so gracefully indulging in frozen bananas by Hannah’s Bananas! As if i didn’t say enough- scroll through for more photos and details of my Craft + Coffee Workshop!

Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop Craft + Coffee Workshop

i cannot wait to do it again!// Special thanks to the amazing vendors that helped me put this on!

Moran Hydinger, MV Florals, Hannah’s Bananas, Lift Coffee Roasters, Lux Clothing, Betty and Virgil, Jeanine Hardgrave, && my amazing interns, and best friend! You all made it happen!


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Blackberry Lemon Mocktail

Today is New Years Eve & while most people might not remember their celebration into 2015 this drink will surely provide a yummy taste with no added headache! This Blackberry Lemon Mocktail is a great alternative to alcohol to aid you into keeping your resolutions (drinking less), helping you keep it classy tonight, and something the kids can enjoy too!

Blackberry Lemon Mocktail

The Goods

1/3c Sugar


Blackberries (1 container)


juice of a lemon

1. Add sugar, blackberries, juice of one lemon to a medium saucepan

2. Once mixture is at a liquid consistency remove from stovetop to cool.

3. Add lemonade to blackberry mixture

4. Dip the rim of your glass with lemon juice, and then twist onto a plate of sugar. Garnish with mint, and more blackberries.

5. Sip + enjoy!


Blackberry Lemon Mocktail Blackberry Lemon Mocktail

Cheers to 2014! May it be a great one!


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NYE Weave Backdrop

WOW, who else is with me that 2014 flew by!? The Shift Creative hasn’t even been live for a year, yet there has been so many fun and exciting opportunities that have already happened! So, thank you! I wouldn’t be here without all of you who follow, encourage, and inspire me on the daily! Ok, enough of my ranting. Need a backdrop for your party TOMORROW? (lagger!) Try this NYE inspired Weave Backdrop! It took me a day to finish- so get started!

NYE Weave Backdrop

The Goods

Large picture frame or cardboard

Yarn of various types



Twine (most weavers use yarn, but I wanted a messy effect)

Copper sheeting (optional)

Wooden dowel

1. Begin wrapping your twine around the frame (I used an old picture frame I had) The size of your frame depends on how big you want your backdrop. The height of mine is almost as tall as me at 5’7.

2. After you are done wrapping your frame- cut and secure the loose piece of twine on the back with tape.

3. These next steps are what makes this piece unique. I take the width of my frame in yarn overlap it numerous times until I have a big wad, if you will, in my hand. I liked mine to be really thick. From there I weave under the twine, and over, under and over, etc… For me, the messier the better!

4. I repeated step 3 numerous times with different types of yarn. For the ribbon and rope, I stuck to a single strand of each and wove like normal.

(There is no right way to do this! Be creative!)

Note* I found a piece of copper sheeting in my garage so I thought it would look rad in the piece, however, it was too heavy! I took a command hook and attached the piece of sheeting to the hook using some twine and adhered it to the wall. (no one will ever know, besides all of you that is)

5. Once you have achieved the look you want, its time to take the weaving off the frame. This can be a little difficult, and my twine strands weren’t that tight. Begin at the bottom and cut the twine in pairs. So cut two pieces of the twine that is holding your weave together, and then make a knot. Repeat this all the way down your weave.

6. Now your weave should be free from the frame. Next, take your wooden dowel and   begin tying the twine on the top to the dowel like you did at the bottom, but this time it is going around the dowel.

7. Once you are all done, hang it up with some hooks, stand back, and admire your work!


NYE Weave Backdrop NYE Weave Backdrop NYE Weave Backdrop NYE Weave Backdrop

Can’t wait to see yours! Make sure to tag me @theshiftcreative!

Cheers + Happy New Years!

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DIY Christmas Wreath Collage

DIY Christmas Wreath Collage

Do you need a last minute Christmas decor idea? I put together this wreath collage in no time for 31 BITS, and it’s sure to bring a festive spirit to your home, or event! Read more for instructions!

DIY Christmas Wreath Collage DIY Christmas Wreath Collage

The Goods


-Floral wire (optional)

1. Take garland and cut different lengths. The size you cut depends on how big or small you want your wreaths! We wanted various sizes, so we switched it up.

2. Mold a circle from the garland. If you are using a faux garland, it already has wire in it so you simply twist at the top so that it stays put. If you are using a real garland, take some green floral wire, and twist it around where the two ends meet so that the circle stays intact.

3. Hang your wreaths in a collage on your wall with small wire command hooks! We staggered ours diagonally, but a wall full of these easy guys would look so pretty too!

DIY Christmas Wreath Collage

These DIY Christmas wreaths are so easy to make, affordable, and definitely make a statement on your wall for the holidays! Show me yours by tagging me on Instagram @theshiftcreative!


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DIY Washi tape tree

DIY Washi tape tree

Over here we are officially in the Christmas spirit so I wanted to kick off the season with this super easy, and rad Washi Tape Tree! I worked with the girls over at 31 Bits to give you all fun ideas to host your Bits Holiday party, and this idea was one of my favs! It might not replace your traditional one, but it sure would make for some cute decor! See below for instructions, and other fun ideas to style it!


DIY Washi tape tree

The Goods

– Green washi tape

– Pom garland or other decor


1. Find a clean base. We used a white wall for more of a fresh, and modern take.

2. Taking your tape, (we used a thin green tape found at Michaels) begin to make an acute triangle. Remember what that is? Less than 90 degree angles at each point!

3. After you have your triangle up, continue to make a trunk by adding a square to the bottom.

4. Then, hang your decorations and place gifts underneath!

DIY Washi tape tree

For the Bits party, I taped their bracelets to the tree to add some sparkle, but I think this would look adorable as an advent calendar tree by adding cloth or paper bags filled with goodies in it!

DIY Washi tape tree

There ya have it,  a super easy tree for the holidays! Show me how you style your DIY washi tape tree by tagging me at @theshiftcreative

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Holiday Crafts & Coffee Workshop!

Tis the season for The Shift Creative to host, and teach WORKSHOPS! You guys asked, I listened. Prepare yourselves for an afternoon filled with cheer, coffee, creativity, and crafts! This Holiday Workshop will be held between 1-4 o’clock on December 13th at the Lift Coffee Roastery in Riverside, CA. Here you will learn to make your own fringe ornament, mini rope hanging, AND a yarn tassel garland!

Holiday Crafts & Coffee Workshop!

What’s in it for you?

– All materials to create three items of decor

– Specialty coffee & drinks from Lift Coffee Roasters

– Bananas by Hannah yummy desserts

– A swag bag for each creator filled by some amazing vendors

– A unique environment to connect, and create with other creatives

Sign up below before spots fill up!>>>

Address to the Workshop:

Lift Coffee Roastery

2060 Chicago Ave. STU #A-10

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DIY spools

With the Holidays sneaking up on us, (I mean really it was Halloween last week!!), I created some easy DIY’s that can be customizable to your event! These spools make even me squeal with delight. I staged them on a mantel herebut what about on your table as centerpieces? On a bookshelf? Or miniature ones as place settings? I would even dig them as a stocking stuffer!

DIY spools

The Goods:


Thin wood circles (at Michaels)


Paper towel roll (I KNOW RIGHT!)

Hot glue

First, can you believe that these are made out of paper towel rolls? I loved it when this idea came together cause we all have those around the house! I’ll be honest, I unraveled one of mine to make more before it was out!

ok, now for the good part.

1. Stain your wood circles. I simply used an old rag to apply, then let dry.

2. Place a dot of hot glue at the end of the roll, and begin wrapping your yarn around the roll. Tip* I wanted mine to be uneven and natural as possible, so I created some to have a bigger middle section, and some to have a more narrow base, etc.. get creative with it.

3.  Hot glue the wood pieces to either end of the roll.

And you are done my friend. I like to leave the remaining strand free so it looks like its been used already.

DIY spools

I love the natural elements these DIY spools display with the neutral color palette, but don’t be afraid of implementing some color! Think colored yarn, or even paint the wood circles a color (gasp! that might be my next one)

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