Currently trending: Overalls & Birks(ish)

It’s September. The leaves are changing. The air is crisp. The fire is warm. You are greeted by the smell of pumpkin everywhere you go. Ahhh. But, if you live in Southern California you know that it is still in the 90’s, your boots are covered in dust, and your sweaters have been thrown to the top shelf to free up hanger space. The struggle is real. I can’t let fall go though. I typically go to Seattle, New York, or San Fran to get my much needed fall fix, but until then I’ll just show you pretty pictures taken by Katie Boink that will inspire you to embrace how little, or how much fall you experience this year!

Now, I hear a lot of people talking about how in (or not in) overalls are. I, for one, am team overalls. There are comfortable. They are effortless. They are back my friends. I love to wear them with striped shirts, plain tee’s, lacey numbers, or even the occasion crop top if I’m feeling a little risky. (Ok no, I haven’t worn them with a crop top, but they do look really cute with them if that’s your thing!) Birks are also back in. I remember a couple years ago my friend said they were making a come back after she saw some Free People models rocking them, and I remember saying “ugh no, they are not coming back.” Welp I was wrong, they are back, and I wear a couple different mock ones, which I think are cuter than the real ones. BUT what about wearing these sandals with socks??!! Are you on board? I am not yet convinced, but let me tell you they were darn comfy.

Overalls: Love this one and this one.

Sandal favs: sliver metallic, rose gold, and black. 

Socks: Don’t knock it unless you try it

Necklace: St. Eve

Shirts I like: here, and here and here.

So what trend team are you on?