Summer Ice Cream Social

OK- this photoshoot screams summer fun, and is the ultimate guide for how to throw an ice cream social like one you’ve never seen! The gals over at Inspired By This featured this bad boy & I couldn’t be more excited! Kayla Adams works photo magic, and she did it again this time! This shoot was one where I thought, “I can’t believe I get to do this for work!” Once I thought of the idea it took on a life of its own, from the faux icecream to the cotton candy stuffed cones- there are def some pinworthy ideas to save for your next party! Oh, and not to mention the hand dyed, yarn wrapped rope installation complete with (you guessed it) poms, all draped off a custom built ice cream cart, (thanks to my talented husband who is a pro at welding and woodwork). I feel like I’m out of breath just typing all the details, and believe me I could go on! Take a look for yourself!

Was I right? Or was I right? How gorg were all the florals?! Janelle over at Lavenders Flowers is a master! In love with the cute models jewelry and outfits? Head over to the sweet girls at LUX for some pretty summer threads, and 31 BITS for those statement necklaces- they are the business!


Photography: Kayla Adams | Creative Director/Designer/Stylist: The Shift Creative | Hair: Jordan McElyea | Makeup: Zaneta Pak & Liz Reyes |Florals: Lavenders Flowers | Jewelry: 31 BITS | Models: Ellie, Helena, & Sophia Hahn | Cupcake Ice Cream: Jeanine Hardgrave | Order Here sign: Nathaniel Hardgrave | Clothing: LUX clothing